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Alt for Norge for American viewers

This article is a guide on how to watch Alt for Norge on web-tv, for English-speaking viewers!.

Friends and family of the participants and also other Norwegian-Americans wish to be able to watch Alt for Norge from the States. This is a how-to-guide - written by participant Justin Jorgensen.

The site is in norwegian - and u have to pay ($7 week/$14 month) - here's the instructions or use google translate:

Go to
1) create a username/account.

click on:
- nett-tv
- registrer (upper right)
- legg in informasjon (login information)
--brukernavn = username
--passord = password
--fornavn = first name
--etternavn = last name
--email = email
--Jeg godtar vilkårene, Les vilkårene = Agree to terms

2) you will be directed to the streaming site.
- Click on "Alle Programmer" (all programs), and click on any program.
(Alt For Norge II will appear under høst 2011 (fall 2011), there's 10 episodes, a new one every Sunday)

3) Purchase a subscription
at this point you will be directed to a page with the various subscription options. (5.6 kroner per dollar is the approx. exchange rate)
Ukesabonnement = week subscription 39kr = $7
Månedesabonnement = month subscription 79kr = $14
(Verdikode is if you have a "value code", like a discount coupon code)
Årsabonnement = year subscription = $135

Click on the plan you want, you'll get a pop-up window that starts with "Kjøp" (that is pronounced "shop" and means "purchase")
Note the last line of the translation: Your subscription will AUTOMATICALLY RENEW unless you tell it to stop on your account page. More info about how to un-do that later.

The translation is this:
Monthly Subscriptions Webcast NOK 79
Delivery Method: Stream
Price: NOK 79
Subscription Period: 1 Month (s)

With a monthly subscription you get access to all the suites on TVNorge network TV for a month. (Soccer is not included)

All subscriptions on TVNorge webcast will automatically be renewed. You can always cancel this automatic renewal by clicking on the "Exit automatic renewal" on my account. = "Avslutt automatisk fornyelse" på Min konto."

Click on "Betal" (Pay") and you get a dialog box that says
Velg "Bekreft" for å sendes videre til Payex for betaling med kredittkort/debitkort eller Payex konto. which means
Select "Confirm" to be passed on to Payex for payment by credit / debit card or Payex account.

(at the top you can confirm the type of subscription here (måneds = month, Uke = week) and the cost.)

Click on "Kreditkort" (credit card), not "microkonto - that is a different micro-account like PayPal).

Then it asks for the usual stuff: credit card type, number, card-holder's name, expiration date and security code on the back.

The fine print at the bottom says:
"By completing this purchase, you consent to the storage of card details for later purchase from this merchant. The information is stored encrypted and secure Payex, approved by Visa and MasterCard, and will never be disclosed to any third party. You can always delete this information at the user site."

Click on "fullfør betaling" (complete payment)

If you want to undo the Automatic Renewal, you can do that at any time by logging in and clicking on "Min Konto" (My Account) and find the paragraph that says Avslutt automatisk fornyelse - that means "cancel automatic renewal". You can do that now or let it renew until you have finished watching all ten episodes.